The Magnificent Seven – 2016

Filling the Well

“So what are all these characters’ motivations?”

“The actors really wanted to be in a western.”

“Ah. Okay.”

The cavalcade of remakes continues! The reasons I go to see westerns are 1) spectacular vistas, 2) beautiful horses, and 3) rugged men in leather.  The Magnificent Seven remake has all of these. Plus heroes stepping through swinging saloon doors as the camera pans up, townfolk looking through windows and then quickly lowering the curtains, a comically evil robber baron, and a single named woman character with bottled red hair and a blouse that if it had been cut any lower they’d have had to change the movie’s rating.  In short, I found the whole thing rather tedious and chock full of cliches.  The vistas, horses, and rugged men in leather were not enough to distract me from the cliches.

About the only things recommending this are the performances of the leads…

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