Deepwater Horizon


From April 20 to July 15 of 2010 — nearly three full months — the Macondo oil well leaked almost five million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Over three hundred Olympic swimming pools full of crude oil gushed from a hole drilled into the ocean floor, a mile below the surface, while BP had no idea how to repair a mistake at that depth. I want you to remember that, because to Peter Berg it’s an afterthought.

Deepwater Horizon — named for the exploratory rig that drilled the ill-fated hole — is entirely concerned with the explosion on the rig that resulted from the wellhead blowout. Yes, it was a tragedy that killed eleven workers. And of course oil rig workers are another “real American man” archetype just like the special forces soldiers from Berg’s last mansploitation flick, Lone Survivor, so they’re perfect characters for “real…

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