3Novices : Justice League: Rebirth Reveals Cyborg’s Alien Origins?


Cyborg Rebirth Alien Purge Explained

Cyborg Rebirth Origin Alien Purge Justice League: Rebirth Reveals Cyborgs Alien Origins?

NOTE: This article contains SPOILERS for ?Justice League? #5 and ?Cyborg: Rebirth? #1


He may not have the complex, storied, or iconic mythology of his fellow Justice League heroes, but that hasn?t kept the DC Comics superhero Cyborg from gathering a healthy fan following. That?s largely due to the hero?s history with the famous ?Teen Titans,? but DC?s New 52 relaunch made Vic Stone a.k.a. an integral part of the League ? and their ability to protect Earth from the forces of Darkseid and Apokolips. And with the DC Rebirth well under way, a massive glimpse at the true nature of Cyborg may have just been offered.

It?s kept vague enough (and completely unaddressed in Issue #5 of ?Justice …

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