Movies’ Downsides: #BatmanDay

Within Virtual Pages

They say today is Batman Day. Who says? I don’t know. Apparently they have a day for everything on the planet, why would it stop at Batman then? I don’t mind though, because I had something to tell concerning Batman. I feel really guilty towards this legend.


It started when I watched the Batman vs Superman movie. I tried to delay watching it as much as I could until I got in this mood I reserve for the major stuff. Utterly tricked, I didn’t realize it’d be starring Superman while Batman sits in the corner as a second man. According to my analysis (before watching):

1- In the logo, they had Batman’s sign containing Superman’s ‘S’ which I interpreted as a powerful grip over the latter.. which turned out to be this way only because of its convenient design probably.

2- It said Batman vs Superman not Superman vs Batman. Which is clever…

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