3Novices : The Promise Trailer: Oscar Isaac & Christian Bale Face The Great War


The Promise - Oscar Isaac

It?s rare to find an American war film today that doesn?t already seem formulaic, mostly because so many American war films draw from the same periods in history. One upcoming film that is setting out to break that mold is The Promise, a film that has been in development since last autumn. An intriguing and stirring trailer for the film has now been released, as you can see above.

The Promise centers on three characters, Michael (Oscar Isaac), Chris (Christian Bale) and Ana (Charlotte Le Bon) during the developing Armenian genocide. Ana, a woman of Armenian descent, finds herself enamored with both Chris, an American, and Michael, a Turkish man. Things quickly become complicated between the three, as Ana finds herself in danger and Michael and Chris struggle with their own national identities and allegiances. The trailer is as emotional as it is intense, with a charming introduction…

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