3Novices : Netflix & Chill Short Horror Movie in Development


Netflix and Chill - logo

Hollywood doesn?t just set trends, it also capitalizes on them. From rollerblading, to disco dancing, to BMX biking, to dance competitions, to reality television shows, filmmakers have always looked to pop culture for the inspiration needed to drive their next big movie ? no matter where that may take them. It recent years, Hollywood has explored societal trends to give audiences movies about texting (LOL starring Miley Cyrus) and first person video games (Gamer starring Gerard Butler).

Continuing the trend-optioning, Umami Media and Cinecrowd announced today they will be producing ?the first movie based on an internet meme?  ? Netflix & Chill. The short film, written and directed by Michael Middelkoop, is being described as a horror/comedy. Middelkoop gave a little insight into his vision for his film:

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