Why are Christian films so bad?

Christian Pop Culture

Profit motive.

It’s that simple.

Many do not want to pay to see a movie that makes them reflect the sin they are living in. They do not want to suffer that internal moral conflict that would encourage them to change – to recognize their sin, repent, and seek God.

What they want is distraction: movies that encourage their immoral behavior and prompt them to continue living in sin, because it’s “cool. Because the most influential people on society are doing it, too.”

What we see in the movie theaters is just an echo of what we see all over the world. As a Christian and lover of movies, it is saddening to see the emphasis the film industry places on raunchy films that are detrimental to our youth.

In Christian films, we often see severely low budgets, normally B or C-list actors, and low production value. One of the…

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