Suicide Squad: 2016

Inverse Lattice

Let’s set some things straight first, Suicide Squad is a very bad movie. The script and its direction only makes it worse. Warner Bros. and the D.C. comics will have to come up with some decent writers and directors now. Their last two movies are just disasters. The only thing that could possibly save them would be a proper mix of people and plot. When I say people, I mean someone who could actually understand the storyline of the D.C. comics and then adapt it properly for the big screen. It’s funny but they should at least get rid of Zack Synder and David Ayer.

In Batman Vs Superman, the climax showed us that Superman is dead and the world was at dismay. The movie Suicide Squad then leads us to a world where officials are preparing themselves for the worst. Amanda Waller, the chief of A.R.G.U.S, then comes up…

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