Sausage Party – Movie review


Sausage Party (2016)

Dir: Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon 

Sony Pictures

Sausage Party is a computer animated movie in the style of Pixar, and it is NOT a family film. Full transparency here, this review will include very small spoilers, but won’t give the movie away. I got your back, internet.

The basic premise is “what if food was sentient?” Much of the flick takes place in a grocery store (which is misrepresented by the trailers) and features anthropomorphized food items, excitedly waiting to be taken to the Great Beyond by the Gods (humans).

I get the impression that Seth Rogan came up with the idea while indulging in his favourite pastime and contemplating his munchies. How there wasn’t a “herb” joke made is beyond me (unless there was and I missed it). Perhaps that’s too on the nose even for this flick.

Does Sausage Party earn its…

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