Review: Jason Bourne (2016)


I just got back from seeing Jason Bourne, the fifth (I think?) movie in the Bourne franchise. Having only previously seen the Bourne Ultimatum, I was told by both my parents and family friend that it was fine and that they work as standalone films.

Following the trope of the describe in three words challenge, I would use these three:

Epitome of average.

This movie brings nothing to the table. It brings no new challenging moral ideals, no stakes and no plot. Instead it offers literally every single spy movie trope:

  • The ‘oh no he got into the elevator and the doors closed just as I got there’ one.
  • The ‘main bad guy going rogue for the sake of personal vengeance so he can try and kill the good guy’ one.
  • The ‘random female who may or may not be a future love interest going against her agency to help the…

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