Suicide Squad – Review



As we arrive at the 3rd film in the DC cinematic universe, one question lingers over this film like the sword of damocles, can this launch the fledgling DC universe that warner bros. have been trying to do?. In simple terms, no but if it’s any consolation it’s not as bad as Batman V Superman.

The story here is that government employee Amanda Waller wants to assemble a team of highly dangerous criminals to undergo essentially suicidal missions, to stop any meta-human threats that may come about now that *spoiler* Superman has died. The team are assembled, most of them against their will and are called into action when a great threat starts taking over Midway City. The plot here is so thin that the naked eye almost couldn’t see it and is a serious detriment to the overall enjoyment of the film. It’s honestly a real shame because there…

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