Jason Bourne – A Movie Review

And There Came a Day...

Jason_Bourne_Poster_1 Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne movies demand that audiences understand something from the outset: these movies are smarter than you are. Don’t try to figure them out. Enjoy the fantastic action sequences. Enjoy the car chases. Enjoy the smoothly cool and stoically silent Matt Damon. Just don’t try to figure out exactly what’s going on because, well, it’s over your head.

Or, perhaps, proceedings simply don’t make that much sense upon reflection.

Don’t misunderstand: I very much like the Bourne movies. The family rewatched the first three featuring Damon. We skipped Jeremy Renner’s The Bourne Legacy as its connections to Jason Bourne seemed limited (The Bourne Ultimatum was my favorite.). I liked the latest, Jason…

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