Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (ULTIMATE EDITION)

Sean Young: A Love for film

The so called “better ultimate edition” does it make an average film not so average?

I don’t really need to go back over the story of the film as by now, and if you’re reading this, it means you have already seen the theatrical release. Now, that was around 2 and  half hours, which did feel very long. The ultimate edition, is just over 3 hours, which means that in order to find out if half an hour of film made it better, I sat through this film again, something i thought I would never do. So does that 30 minutes count? Yeah, it kinda does.

The main problems the theatrical release had was that there was so much going on, the desert, the Bat V Superman fight, Lex, Doomsday, the dream sequences, backstory, Wonder Woman. In 2 and a half hours, Snyder struggled to give us an even balance…

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