Jason Bourne


The Hub City Review


The world has changed since Jason Bourne was last the starring character of his eponymous film series in 2007, and in the intervening years the grounded but fictitious world of CIA conspiracies and Agency assassins has come to increasingly resemble the reality around us. In 2010, WikiLeaks released tens of thousands of documents related to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, constituting the largest leak of classified information at the time. This would soon be surpassed in 2013 by the deluge of documents secured by Edward Snowden, detailing the expansive reach of the NSA’s global surveillance program, including the collection of metadata from major corporations acquired from their users. Courts cases soon followed, such as Klayman v. Obama and ACLU v. Clapper, finding First and Fourth Amendment violations in the scope and breath of such surveillance, but without any injunctions to cease such programs. Most recently, a court…

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