The Killing Joke Nails The Punchline


The Nerdery

All Batman readers are familiar with the infamous The Killing Joke one shot. For those that aren’t, here’s a little background for you.

Released in March 1988, Alan Moore shattered everyone’s expectations of how dark a comic book villain can be. The book has received both heavy critic and a pinnacle of praise. The story that crippled Barbara Gordon and cemented the relationship between Batman and Joker, The Killing Joke has been called one of the best and darkest superhero comic books of all time.

For years, fans have been begging for an on-screen adaptation. We’ve asked specifically for a Mark Hamill (yes, in case you didn’t know, Luke Skywalker is the voice of the Joker) and Kevin Conroy portrayal. We, as fans, have suggested the project be placed into the unfailing hands of Tim Bruce.

Our begging and pleading did not fall on deaf ears. Last night, The Nerdery was…

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