Why Khan’s appearance in Star Trek Into Darkness made more sense than in The Wrath of Khan




With the upcoming “Star Trek Beyond” it’s time to revisit a Star Trek entry which was voted “worst Star Trek film” by Trekkies/Trekkers: “Star Trek Into Darkness” (from here on referred as “Into Darkness”).
Ranked below infamous entries like “Star Trek V” and “Star Trek Insurrection”.

Spock_screaming_KhanThis movie gets criticized a lot, even though it has got a lot of qualities. The main arguments against the film are that “Into Darkness” is basically a remake of “Star Trek – The Wrath of Khan” (from here on referred to as “Wrath of Khan”). Wrath of Khan is the second movie in the Star Trek-franchise, based on the TV-show from the 1960s. It’s also the movie that had kept the franchise alive due to its financial success, and for many it is always remembered as the…

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