Batman v Superman: A few months later.



While I didn’t intend this to be a review of Batman v Superman and more of a reaction to the general commotion surrounding the movie when it came out and the mark it’s left on the internet, it did in its own right turn into a review.

As everyone knows so far, the general opinion on BvS has been bad. It’s a really, really bad movie.

However, more important than the film itself has been the discussions it has sparked on the topic of superheroes, more specifically live-action adaptations. Some examples include, how loyal is the adaptation to the source material? What can and can’t the character do? This is a result of the movie portraying the otherwise gentle Superman into someone that doesn’t save a single soul for the entirety of two hours, and the normally cool-headed Batman into a paranoid shell of the actual comic character.

Some viewers…

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