Free State of (Disability) Jones


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It’s Independence Day, so I guess it is the ideal time to point out that all Americans are not free.

The film Free State of Jones is a triumphant and tragic commentary on how far independence has come.

Matthew McConaughey glides through the film wearing the same expression for the entire 2 hours and 19 minutes: A white-eyed glare, one angular eyebrow lifted, as he bears witness to the carnage of the Civil War and then the exploitation of poor Southerners, and then further exploitation of slaves and former slaves.

free_state_of_jones_2016-t3 STX Entertainment

I can’t say I enjoyed the movie very much. While normally I would be bemoaning the absence of visuals of McConaughey’s six pack abs or his tight hindquarters (he wears baggy trousers through the entire film), all I could do was make comparisons.

In a nutshell, people who are considered “lesser” on the human scale are exploited for their…

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