Possible deal between Marvel and Fox could lead to a shared universe between the Avengers and X-Men


the alec

hqdefault (2)Image courtesy of Marvel 

It’s happened before, and it could happen again.  There have been recent reports that Marvel and 20th Century Fox could allow their characters to share the screen together.  Imagine how good Captain America: Civil War was.  Now imagine that on steroids: the Avengers fighting the X-Men (this is how I see it happening anyway).

Marvel proved that it could reach deals with other studios, in the form of Civil War, and it also proved that their comic book character’s film rights belong to them.  How many times must the Fantastic Four be butchered before Fox realizes this?  With the backing of Disney, anything is possible.

OK, so maybe the  X-Men thing is unlikely.  But Fantastic Four? I could see it happening.  Sony wrecked not one, but two separate Spider-Man franchises, and then let Marvel take a crack at the character.  By letting him play with other…

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