Analyzing the Kubrick Influences in Ex Machina


Play it Again, Dan

When speaking about Ex Machina, writer/director Alex Garland, who was better known as a successful novelist before his film debut, has said his vision for the film was for it to be outside the conventions of normative Hollywood filmmaking. He knew that if the film was heavily financed by big studios it would be reduced to being another summer blockbuster film that was devoid of genuine content. Much of what made Ex Machina a stunning and successful film was its complete deviation from normative filmmaking, and in many regards, defied the science-fiction genre expectations. By taking the helm as writer and director and also having the film be independently financed, Alex Garland offered viewers a film that challenged concepts of gender identification and the ramifications of human-made technology. In fact, the film is sterile in its representation and it is the viewers of the movie who instill meaning and symbolism…

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