Movie Review: Angry Birds


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Angry Birds – The Movie, is a strange beast. It does a reasonable job of explaining how and why an island of flightless birds feels the need to catapult themselves at various pig installations, but it does so in a suprisingly heavy way, considering it came from such a whimsical game.

Angry Birds follows the story of Red, the only angry bird on an island of peaceful, flightless, fowl. This movie is packed with social commentary – from new age classes to immigration to the failings of hero worship. So much so that at times it feels like the writers forgot it was supposed to be entertaining. Other than Red, there are several other interesting birds including Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, and Mighty Eagle. However, only Chuck is developed to any significant extent. Furthermore, while the movies climax pays homage to the game by having the birds catapult into the fortresss…

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