Movie Mayhem – Money Monster


Chaos breeds Chaos

Jodie Foster is no stranger to hostage thrillers. Having dealt with a band of thugs breaking into her home in Panic Room and losing her daughter on a plane mid-flight in Flightplan, Foster has dealt with the anguish and adrenaline of a ticking clock; and a ticking bomb. So it’s not a stretch to see her step behind the camera to recreate that sense of dread and fear that comes with fighting for your life. Though she has yet to deal with this type of subject matter as a director, Foster understands the beats and the pace that go along with this type of movie. She knows how to build tension, unravel a mystery, and remain taut while building characters into believable, relatable creatures. With that said, she’s still stepping a little out of her comfort zone with Money Monster. Not only is it the first time she’s…

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