Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War


Sokorra Lewis


So last night I went with my friends to see Captian America.  Which, I will admit, was good.  But I’m still going to give it a B.  Unlike some other films in the Marvel line, it didn’t have me leaving with “That was AWESOME” type of feeling, and I was expecting that.

The problem I think is that there was too many characters with hinted at side plots that didn’t really end up anywhere.  It was a film of cameos.  Most of which you see in the trailer.  There were some elements of Cap’s story arc I kind of felt like I missed an episode, and maybe I did since I don’t watch Agents of Shield (though I want to) or Agent Carter (again, want to).

This felt more like an avengers type movie with a bad guy you don’t really understand.  Which on one hand is…

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