Comic Fans Buzzing about Captain America: Civil War


The Pine Needle

The trailers for Captain America: Civil War have set comic-movie fans buzzing, each worrying about what could happen between their favorite fictional heroes.

By Sydney Bitz

Marvel fans are on the edge of their seats. Why? Because on May 6th, Captain America: Civil War hits theaters across the nation. If the trailers are any indication, it’s sure to be a hit just like the recent Marvel films. But will it live up to fans’ expectations?

The third Captain America installment brings back our favorite people. The direction of Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, both of whom directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, has fans excited to see this film. Chris Evans is continuing his role as the star-spangled protagonist while Robert Downey Jr. suits up as the seeming antagonist. Joining our favorite Avengers, Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), and Don Cheadle (War Machine) are on the screen…

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