The Witch Review

Tiny Space Dragons

Beautiful, surreal, and unsettling, but does the build-up get the payoff that it deserves?


In The Witch, a New England family are cast out of their community for religious differences and set up a new home on the outskirts of a forbidding wood. After a time-skip, in which a baby is added to the first four plucky children, strange things begin to happen and they all react in the way that any 17th Century Puritan would – by blaming it on witchcraft.

The most likely candidate is the “on-the-brink-of-womanhood as a metaphor for deal with the devil” eldest daughter, Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy) and the black goat. To be honest, I’m surprised that nobody thought to kill the goat from the get-go, as it was clearly not a happy camper, devil or no.

I was incredibly terrified of the idea of watching this film. The only other time in…

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