Good Night, Sweet Prince

An Embarrassment of Rich's

130px-Prince_logo.svgThe first time I ever saw Prince was stumbling upon his video for “Little Red Corvette” on MTV.  And the first thing I thought was, “This guy dances just like Adam Ant.”  Mr. Ant was my current obsession at the time, so of course, this man I was watching was clearly a pretender, no matter how catchy the song might have been.  I wasn’t terribly smart back then.

The next time I was truly aware of Prince was in the summer of 1984.  His song “When Doves Cry” had the unmitigated audacity to keep Bruce Springsteen from having a #1 single.  Surely this was a sign that the one-time pretender had now become a disrespectful upstart.  I hadn’t grown significantly smarter in the years since “Little Red Corvette.”

Given my immaturely adversarial beginnings with Prince, it’s no surprise that he wasn’t a huge touchstone for me as an adolescent diving…

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